Revive Sounds Bio

Over the last few years, since January 2008, we have been involved in sound equipment and doing sound for many venues of various sizes. Some of these venues are quite small and only involve one musical group while some of the other venues and much more involved and could involve ten or twelve musical groups and be in auditoriums, agricoms, gymnasiums, churches or hotel banquet facilities and so on.

We have a sound team who take care of all avenues of sound and sound equipment including the use of sound tracks, CD’s, cassettes, or even using Ipad or laptop computers. Upon special request any given program can be recorded onto CD disk and then used for the betterment of each individual group but NOT for the purpose of resale or reproduction.

Our equipment provides a complete back up system that is in place to provide for only minutes of downtime in the case of equipment failure, or electrical storms or any other fate that could delay a given schedule.

We as a team would be very involved in the setting up of any and all sound checks for the various musical groups and the assistance to any groups that would require help with equipment or just in the set up of any particular venue.

Our equipment is to be used to serve The Lord and thus it would only seem right that we would only consider doing sound for that appropriate type of venue.

For information please contact:

Phone 780 – 699 – 4747