Meeting Us

The Revive Gospel Singers

Lawrence Priebe (Hilde)



Lawrence-BioI was born in Manitoba but have lived most of my life in Edmonton.  I trained as a plumber/gasfitter, owning my own plumbing business. Then went to NAIT as an Instructor, where I worked for 30 years.  I am now semi-retired working in my own Reno business.  I have been married for 43 years.  We  have 2 married daughters and 6 grandchildren who are the joy of our lives.

I have always enjoyed Gospel music and have sung in several groups.  I have been with Revive Gospel Singers since November 2007.

Lawrence Priebe




 Marjorie Rohrick (Dave)

MarjMusic has been part of my life seemingly forever. As a child I sang with my Mother and sisters. Musical training was part of growing up and the emphasis of using talents for the Lord was part of our Prayer and commitment. At a very young age we were encouraged to use talents in way that would bring glory to God – bring happiness to others and joy to those who needed encouragement. As a result our family, our two sons, were singing and playing at a young age in nursing homes, hospitals and church commitments. Our family trio turned into a young men’s quartette of early years and later a late teens quartette.

My involvement as Teen Time director for 9 years gave many opportunities to use singing, guitar etc. over and over. As Chair of Christian Women’s club once again the music played a part in organization and presentations. I also traveled with the Kingsmen of Edmonton for nine years, as pianist. What a blessing to meet so many wonderful people and share once again the blessed gospel songs done in Southern Gospel Style.

Summers were always busy entertaining in nursing homes, hospitals and such as a member of the City of Edmonton Review. Returning home after hours in some places left me so aware of the blessing of having good health.

I taught music for the last 40 years including piano, guitar and voice. There is no greater blessing than to see what can result working with children who in one year can so proudly perform at the year end recital.

Serving in the home church in a variety of ways has always been part of my family life. Choirs, singing in trios, working in Sunday School, duets or playing for congregational singing is always a special blessing for me.

For the past few years, since January 2007, having been involved with playing and singing with Revive Gospel Singers has been an important part of my life – we have so much to give but in turn the blessings are ours from sharing our songs and meeting so many wonderful people. One person I must thank above all else is my husband who has always shared in all musical endeavors for our family and on my behalf.

Marjorie Rohrick


Walter Poettcker (Ruth)

Walter1From as early as I can remember, singing and harmony was as natural as breathing. Through the example of my parents and other influential people I realized there was no greater purpose or calling in life than to serve Jesus Christ. Therefore we have the perfect fit, singing gospel songs to praise the Lord and hopefully encourage and bless others.

During 35 plus years plus of marriage to my best friend Ruth, God has blessed us with four beautiful children and we are now enjoying the love of many grandchildren.

My life’s work has revolved around housebuilding and farming. My hobbies include furniture building, cutting firewood, reading and singing the Lord’s praises.

I have been singing with Revive Gospel Singers since August 2008 and have enjoyed serving the Lord in this musical ministry.

Walter Poettcker


Charles Schultz (Tina)


Charles-and-Tina-SchultzI began singing gospel music when I was a child in Sunday school and in junior choirs, later progressing to adult choirs, and even while still a teenagers singing in my first male quartet, The King’s Men Quartet from Central Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta. This impressed me very much as a young person and it placed in me a desire to sing, not just to sing but to serve the Lord through song.

Over the years my life wandered away from the Lord and I struggled with much of my life but that desire deep down inside to sing for the Lord continued to entice me. As time went on I sang in choirs, worship teams, solo’s, duets, quartet’s, trio’s, and so on.

I had the honor years ago to sing in a special trio, The Trilones, and we sang together for approximately 10 or 11 years serving the Lord in all kinds of venues. We had a chance, back then, to record some L.P. records and cassette tapes and again the joy was renewed in my life to sing and serve the Lord.

Following many changes in my life the lord again began speaking to me about singing and again I started singing in choirs and worship teams and then the big day came. I rededicated my life to the lord in January of 2005 and began serving the lord in a much deeper way and he led me back into singing the gospel. After a couple of years of restructuring my life the Lord again offered me a chance to sing in his service. We began Revive Gospel Singers in January of 2007 and He has continued to bless the lives of those involved and especially mine and today we continue to serve him through song and testimony.

I am forever grateful for the Love of my heavenly father and for the honor he has bestowed on me to witness for him in so many different ways. May I always be faithful to Him.

Charles Schultz


Elmer & Joanne Arsenault


ELMER-AND-JOANNE-ARSENAULTElmer & Joanne have lived in the beautiful Beaumont area for 14 years, where they enjoy their quiet neighborhood and beauty of their home.  Both of them have been involved in music for many years.   A great love of God and music drive their passion for Worship in Him.

Elmer grew up in picturesque PEI, where he was involved in the music industry since the age of 15.  He sang at church for special occasions, was involved in Dinner Theater and 2 bands for several years as a young adult (Gameck and Panou), playing bass guitar, singing back-up, doing sound  and driving their tour bus.  He saw the road that bar bands was taking both him and his friends down, decided to sell his equipment and move to Alberta to get away from that lifestyle.  It was in Alberta that he met the love of his life Joanne.  He saw the relationship and love she had for Jesus and knew that there was something missing in his life.  Once God got a hold of him, life changed forever for Elmer.

Joanne was born and raised in an Edmonton French community, graduated from a French High School and always had a passion for music.  Life was also leading Joanne down a disastrous path and she knew she had to make some changes.  She became involved in a Christian retreat, where God became powerfully present in her life.  It was here that she learned to play guitar, mandolin, led music for 18 years and became confident in the gift of voice that God blessed her with.

They got involved in a Baptist based church and began playing on their worship team in 2002.  For the last 3 years that they attended that particular church, they co-led worship together.  Currently Elmer and Joanne are part of a Christian group called the Freedom band, where they praise God with their Brothers and Sisters in Christ, who have become their family.

In August 2008, Revive Gospel Singers got in touch with Elmer and he became their sound man, helping to make them sound even more wonderful than they already are.  Joanne assists him on this mission and does photography for the group as well.  Elmer and Joanne are honored and blessed to be a part of this Revive Gospel Singers family and cherish the opportunity of praising God with them in this way.