Revive Gospel Singers


2012-03-17revivepicture_2123Revive Gospel Singers began it’s roots in January of 2007 in Sherwood Park, Alberta. It began with some friends getting together to see if we could blend our voices to serve the Lord.

Our group began with Marj Rohrick, Joe Young, Jon Kinchelo and Charles Schultz.

Marj Rohrick plays the keyboard for us and Alfie Myers, Ken Huzil, Peter Shepperd, Dale Lotsberg and Larry Roth joined us with their stringed instruments on various occasions to accompany us and those talents were a definite blessing.

Within a very short period of time people started hearing that we were singing together and we received many calls to go and serve the lord in song at a whole variety of places and events.

In November of 2007 Jon Kinchelo resigned from our group and we were able to get Lawrence Priebe to take his place and the group continued serving the Lord. This group sang together till Joe Young resigned from our group in August of 2008. Joe Young was replaced by Walter Poettcker and again the Lord has continued to bless our small ministry. Also in August of 2008 we were introduced to Joanne and Elmer Arsenault and they joined our group primarily to do sound and video but they also each have musical talents of their own. This group has now been together from August 2008 till now and the Lord does continue to bless our ministry.

Our primary goal as Revive Gospel Singers is to serve God and to present the gospel message through song to touch lives and encourage people to seek the Living God.

Revive Gospel Singers